Short not Sweet

Last night i drank drank an entire bottle of wine to launch this month (June) of sobriety  Monday we go to Laughlin Nevada for three days.  Timing is everything, right?

The picture / record below is of my 19yr old grandson whom lives in our home and did not come home last night.  Hard to be witness to his pain, his situation.  Ouch in my heart.

Dear blueislandgirl….stay aligned, remember who you are, this is not your plan but you can trust it.  Practice, be only in this moment.

Journaling is writing, right? It takes what it takes





Detonate Me

‘to explode with sudden violence’

I am not very knowledgeable about the right or wrong of words, grammar, etc  but I do find that I don’t want to be criticized, I don’t want to appear stupid or  become embarrassed.  Just a little truth telling.

Do I detonate when I explode with sudden violence?  Violence being yelling loudly and smacking the table.  Ouch, my palm still stings.

The song in my head? ‘When will I be loved’?  Relevance? When I take care of myself, I stayed full and aligned (self-love) and I don’t behave attack other.

I’m disappointed to repeat a behavior that does not lead to my happiness or the happiness of others.  I’m ejoyning this writing and I’d like to experience it as a source of happiness.  🙂

observe describe willing


via Daily Prompt: Detonate


Im having fun with this, and my attention to it is fleating based on available time. My former brother-in-law,  and very precious friend,  is who I choose for this photo blog  life circumstances have brought us together again as he lives out his life. No idea if this will show on the challenge page but non the less….it is done  Brian

ev·a·nes·cent [evəˈnes(ə)nt]


Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.






via Daily Prompt: Infuse

infuse [in-fyooz]
1. to introduce, as if by pouring; cause to penetrate; instill (usually followed by into)
2. to imbue or inspire (usually followed by with)

i will infuse this blog post with my thoughts. I could turn on a light and infuse this room with light. Which might infuse my husband with wakefulness and perhaps questioning irritation.

I could get up and find something to eat which would infuse my belly with food.

Or or I can say goodnight and infuse myself with rest which will likely infuse my day tomorrow with greater happiness.

Good night. Sweet dreams.